These three were born on June 3rd . All are very friendly. These kittens need new homes as we have to many cats to take care of. none of these kittens have had their shots. They live in a barn. If they had a bath and got their shots they would make good house cats. Lately the kittens will run for you if they see you outside. All 3 are eating hard cat food and drink water.

Picture #1 Shrek the ONLY male in this litter. He is one of the friendliest of them all every morning when I go out to feed he comes to the door and talks to me.

Picture #2 Tinker is a Female she has a white stripe on her back. She is shyer than the others but once you catch her she is your best friend, she is starting to come to me when I call her . She isn't as playful as the others (calmer personality) but at times she can be more playful than the others.

E-mail pleases!! we can deliver to North Battleford. if we make arangements.
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